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2021 Holidays & IG Helpers

The holidays are coming, and so are the in-laws but don't freight because flipflops2chanel understands what this year means to different people. So we have listed 12 unique accounts from Instagram ready to help us finish off this year while preparing for the new.              

     This site is dedicated to empowering you with resourceful tips, tools, and access to other information like sharing beneficial services from qualified mental health professionals or advice from parents on coping with kids and holiday cookies.  

     The following IG accounts caught our attention without doubt, but we would like to emphasize that Flipflops2chanel.com has no affiliation to any company or entity besides our own; we do not profit in any way or form from sharing these accounts. We hope to share information to benefit our viewers in a positive outlet; however, we recommend researching any company you choose to receive services from before divulging private or personal information, no matter how pretty their IG page is. 

     2021 has proved to be another year in which the human spirit yields more weighted burdens, so even the most optimistic person understands this sentiment. Yes, much like the news these days, this all sounds excessively negative, and we agree. We know there is love, hope, beauty, and inspiration when we choose to see with our hearts because we see it every time we turn off the news and jump on Instagram for happier times. 

     So, with that in mind, and this month being full of special holidays, we are pleased to highlight 12 particular Instagram accounts because they are faithful helpers acclimated to promoting healthier, happier people in a world that desperately needs it!   

 2021 Holidays & IG Helpers 

We know that social media can be viewed as destructive, violent, and ugly; however, like every coin, another side is eternally opposite. 

     There are also small businesses, advocates, and good people speaking up for the betterment of others. Many of whom represent a prosperous future, and even more that offer supportive means for that to take place. They use social media for good, to help, and thus we honor a few of them and hope you appreciate their assets as much as we do. 

     The world's helpers can and should be running businesses, so we welcome a prime example of these impressive qualities and hope you see them in action for yourself by dropping into Instagram or their other social media platforms and supporting our special helpers.

  • Herself Defense Kit | Shopping & Retail

IG: HERSELF Defense Kit (@herselfdefensekit) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.herseflfdefensekit.com

We are excited to share one of our longtime favorite IG accounts because they not only speak our language (female empowerment), but they walk the walk too!  

     Herself Defense Kit is a female-owned company selling a vast array of self-defense tools and kits. They operate a business proactively preparing females for dangerous situations, and we cannot thank them enough.  

     This holiday season, stocking stuffers can be found by checking out @herselfsefensekit or their website for cute and potentially life-saving gifts of protection like the Rainbow Action Assist Finger Guard Knife for only $21.99. The Spiked Jogger Stun Gun with Alarm and USB Charger is another must-have; between the alarm, spike, and stunning features, this is equivalent to three tools in one. 

     We find value from their Instagram account, @herselfdefensekit, to the website. Both represent a female's right to self-protection by creating small enough products to conceal when necessary and more blatant empowerment tools like the mindset and confidence to evaluate and address danger quickly.  

     Please follow @herselfdefensekit for empowering content and stay updated on the hottest new self-defense items available.  

  • Sally Pauley Hershey | Transformation Coach

IG: Sally Pauley Hershey (@sally_pauley_hershey) • Instagram photos and videos

Blog: Surviving Narcissists – Empowering Women (home.blog)

Website: www.sally-pauley-hershey.com

Sally Pauley Hershey is a loving mom of two kids, three dogs, two cats, and a bunny. She has a life story with hurdles she continues to conquer, like divorcing a narcissist after 20 years of marriage. 

     She is a woman on a mission because instead of wallowing in self-despair or pity (not for too long anyway, a little wallowing is healthy), she started a business helping others like herself. That, my friends, is why we share her with you and ask those seeking guidance in their lives to go to her social media platforms or website and learn more about her services. 

     There are a few more reasons we like her so much, but that's the start. Although she reminds people she is not a therapist; she can support people in the healing process of transforming their lives after narcissistic abuse. However, Sally Pauley Hershey understands that abuse can be devastating and that therapy may be necessary along with her coaching services, so don't hesitate to discuss these options with her further.  

     Please see her website, linked above, for more information or book your "Free" 15-minute discovery call to discuss her transformational coaching services. But that's not all. She can be booked for motivational speaking events and workshops too. 

     The next time you're on Instagram, please stop by @sally_pauley_hershey for holiday-themed ideas or events, parenting-related content, mental health support, awareness, and funny memes to boost morale when all else seems doomed.  

  • Jennifer Schwomeyer | Entrepreneur

IG: Jennifer Schwomeyer (@doc_jschwo) • Instagram photos and videos

Podcast: ‎A Better Way: Ep. 29 - Building a Mission-based Business through Network Marketing with Jennifer Schwomeyer on Apple Podcasts

The holidays are here, but unfortunately, due to national health and safety concerns, the pressure we feel is at an all-time high. As a result, traditions and routines may not be the same, inciting more stress and less happiness, further compromising our health. Our bodies need a strong immune system to combat attackers of it so finding ways to help boost it has become critical.  

     Thankfully we know a mother of 3 willing to guide those seeking help with this new course, so a healthier future is only an Instagram click (or her other platforms listed here) away. 

     The content on @doc_jschwo explains the excellent benefits of eating various fruits and vegetables. Plus, parenting tips, recipes, inspiring messages of hope and health, and how to empower yourself with tools like the Tower Garden system. 

     Have you ever bought fresh veggies and fruit, and although they looked delicious, they tasted like the stuff you scrape off your shoes after going to the dog park? 

     If so, you probably want to know more about the magic of aero gardening, aeroponics, and the benefits of growing safe and tasty food from home. The Tower Garden is just one product @doc_jschwo showcases for health purposes, and it's so impressive, we understand exactly why she wants everyone to know about it.  

     Expectations of what should be because of what was is out the window since new changes have enveloped society and affected everyone differently. 

     Jennifer Schwomeyer also has a podcast where you can learn more about how to conquer health challenges with tips, tricks, and everything in between for parents and even those with entrepreneurial aspirations. We hope you find her content, resources, and services valuable and contact her for more information.  

  • Nicole DeRosa | Lifestyle Website 

IG: Nicole DeRosa (@nicolederosalifestyle) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.nicolederosa.com

Are you looking for traveling, cooking, style, or health-related inspiration? 

     Sure, a million sites offer this kind of content, but not like our friend, Nicole DeRosa. We first found her on Instagram, but it wasn't long before we became a fan.

     Nicole DeRosa is an experienced freelance journalist, writer, interview host, and correspondent, and her resume continues with impressive positions at Harper's Bazaar, Entertainment Weekly, and All Access Music Group. But, sometimes, a little guidance is practical when it comes to being conscious of our health and lifestyle choices. 

     Once you research and discover the adverse effects of skincare products like the legal usage of dangerous chemicals and animal testing, plus environmental and labor concerns, we hope people learn how to make better choices. 

     That's yet another reason we support conscious-minded social media platforms/accounts, businesses, services, and organizations such as the ones we honor every month on Gram Glimpse. We genuinely appreciate content creators like @nicolederosalifestyle because she gracefully promotes this message. 

     We also want to note her website's mental health resources section because it has multiple well-written, in-depth articles on topics that millions of people face daily. 

     Please check out @nicolederosalifestyle the next time your seeking content that caters to a conscious, healthy, and inspirational lifestyle.

  • Shona Hagan | Health & Wellness Website

IG: Shona Hagan (@amazinglyhealthylife) • Instagram photos and videos

Website Link: About - Amazingly Healthy Life

The day we found this following account, we knew it belonged to a special person, and after we reviewed more content, we fell more in love with the art of belly dancing. Yes, belly dancing!             

     Dieting does not work for everyone. When real effort is met with feelings of failure, the results can negatively impact our morale, potentially causing anxiety, depression, or other health concerns.  

     Learning how to lose weight for a healthier and happier life should be fun, encouraging ongoing physical activities and thus helping you maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul for years to come. 

     Shona Hagan is the energetic belly dancer, certified health and wellness coach, and creator of amazinglyhealthylife.com. So, if you want a spark of inspiration to get up and move something, check out her services and courses designed to make you feel amazingly healthy; her website link is listed above for your convenience.  

     While you are there, take a free health quiz to see how healthy you are, plus learn how to get long-lasting results. Also, look for her special buy one get one free for a friend offer on her group program if you have a buddy who wants to take this journey.

     There are three programs to choose from, so please see her website or follow her IG account, @amazinglyhealthylife, for more information.  

  • Bryan Johnson | Four Day Outdoor Retreat

IG: Bryan Johnson (@blueridgebalance1) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: About | BlueRidge Balance

Our next must-see soon comes from the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, offering spectacular views, a wide range of unique activities, and much more.

     Although Flipflops2chanel is all for female empowerment, we are also for men's health. Men are suffering too, but far too often, they do it in silence, and that must not be ignored, so when we first saw @blueridgebalance1 on Instagram, we were pleased to find their four-day retreats for young adult men along with content that uplifts the spirit and inspires hope.  

     Yes, plenty are willing and waiting to help males, but today we would like you to meet one that caters to two other communities of people, health professionals, and Corp leaders. These parties have high-stress factors, so finding healthy and suitable retreats is especially helpful. 

     Blueridge Balance also offers training & events in Ashville or Chicago, but you have to head to their website (linked above for your convenience) to learn the ins and outs of this source for growth. 

     In the meantime, we want to encourage those with factors that cause stress, depression, anxiety, or any other mental health concerns, to please reach out for help and break free from the weight of these bonds.  

  • Addiction Rehab Treatment | Treatment Navigation Service

IG: Addiction Rehab Treatment (@addictionrehabtreatment) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.addictionrehabtreatment.com 

Contact via Phone: 1-855-491-1422

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug, alcohol, or mental health issues, we understand that discovering there is a serious problem is hard, but knowing what to do next is not as hard as you think. 

     Although alcohol and drug addiction are complex roads to traverse alone, you don't have to because trained professionals can help navigate tough transitions like rehab and treatment options. 

     Our site is dedicated to empowering others with resources, tools, and means to achieve dreams. In that form, we appreciate services like Addiction Rehab Treatment and hope you find them helpful. 

     We have included contact information for Addiction Rehab Treatment. Even if you don't need them today, follow them on social media platforms like Instagram, just in case someone you know needs additional guidance. 

     Their IG account, @addictionrehabtreatment is motivational, with our favorite post simply saying, "They're laughing cause you keep starting over. I'm clapping cause you never gave up." That is the sheer determination that people seeking sobriety exhibit, and we are proud of your strength that others mistakenly view as a weakness.  

  • Michelle Sheldon | Transformation Coach 

IG: Michelle - Transformation (@heartcentredwellbeing) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: Mindset & Wellbeing Transformational Coaching Online, Broadstairs, Kent (heartcentredwellbeing.co.uk)

YouTube: Heartcentred Wellbeing - YouTube

Traumatic experiences have led our next must-see IG helper into a life of guiding others as a wellbeing facilitator. Since her social media platforms all show a relentless pursuit of teaching others about the importance of wellbeing, we are happy to introduce our following IG account, making a difference through the holidays, @heartcentredwellbeing. 

     Whether you need help with breaking harmful and destructive patterns or you want to learn more about mindfulness, Michelle can help. But wait, did I mention yoga is another specialty she wants to teach you? 

     Check out her site, where you can find more details for her services like private yoga 1-2-1, yoga for sports, or the over 50's yoga. 

     If you want to learn about stress relief or meditation, then her YouTube channel (linked above for your convenience) is the place for you. Videos about overcoming fear, anxiety, and shame shower her channel with hope, and during the holidays, this can help those combating these complicated emotions. 

     Michelle Sheldon, aka @heartcentredwellbeing has informative content on her Instagram account that initially made us want to learn more about her message. From her clients' testimonials (found on her website), we gather her extent of supporting them through mind, body, and soul transformations has shown positive results. 

     Please see her website to schedule your "Free" 30-minute consultation call and see how she can help today.

  • Mercer Aware Youth | Nonprofit Organization | Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Agency 

IG: Mercer AWARE Youth (@mercerawareya) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.merceraware.org

Contact via Phone: 800-981-1457

Or Facebook Direct Message: mercerawareinc

If you thought crime seized to exist during the holidays, think again! Initially, we wanted to keep this article worry-free. Then, however, we decided it's more valuable to remind people of the dangers that lurk at holiday parties, so we must share the following account to honor that message.             

     Located in Mercer County, PA, this incredible nonprofit organization has programs and services for local victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and they've been dedicated to this cause since 1976. Mercer Aware offers the following free services: 

  • Safe online platforms for individual advocacy
  • Structured and peer to peer support groups
  • Emergency housing with program sites in Greenville, Grove City, and the Shenango Valley.
  • Legal Advocacy Program
  • Youth Services Program
  • PAWS

     Plus, much more so head to their website for more details. Or go to any one of their social media platforms to learn how to get help or how you can help this nonprofit organization. 

     Donations are needed and go to a community of people trying to uplift those who have been through traumas from sexual abuse and (or) domestic violence. Please help Mercer Aware continue to address awareness, prevention, and support for domestic violence and sexual abuse victims. They also support pets of these traumatic relationships through their PAWS program so anyone who needs help has it, even if they can't ask for it!  

  • The Rooted therapist | Mental Health Service

IG: Natashia Robbins, PhD, LMFT (@therootedtherapist) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.rootedwellnesstherapy.com

YouTube: The Rooted Therapist - YouTube

Our mental health should take priority. This is particularly something to be mindful of through the holidays, as getting overwhelmed can happen quickly, especially with Covid affecting everything from quality time with family and friends to high costs for presents, food, and everything in between. Add regular stress or other mental health concerns like PTSD or depression, and things get more complicated.             

     Natashia Robbins is a licensed therapist and the owner of Rooted Wellness Therapy. She offers individual, couples, or family therapy in addition to her wellness services and private yoga classes.  

     Her YouTube channel is dedicated to holistic support like her Navigating Change. This Guided Mindful Moment video may be short, but its calming effect satisfies the need for centered peace within ourselves during difficult moments.              

     Finding help happens when we accept it is needed in the first place or when there is no choice like hospitalization. This usually happens after escalations of feelings, events, or other factors go unaddressed. However, other factors can affect our mental and (or) physical health, including environmental and hereditary factors. These factors will all be uncovered during diagnosis, treatment, and recovery with a licensed mental health professional.  

     Therapy may not be something you ever imagined you or your family needing or perhaps that it even helps. Still, for the majority of people who have sought treatment, they have conceded to having excellent results.  

     Flipflops2chanel supports mental health care providers and services, plus those who utilize this empowering tool for positive growth or continued self-exploration. We thank you all for helping individuals, families, and communities heal and choose to share safe spaces like our IG holidays helpers. However, much like the other people/accounts listed here today, this help is available year-round, so we hope you follow and learn how or why services like @therootedtherapist can help.  

  • Just Believe Recovery Center| Drug Addiction Treatment Center

IG: Just Believe Recovery Center (@justbelieverecovery) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.justbelieverecovery.com

Contact Via Phone: 888-380-0667

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both affects millions of individuals, families, and communities, so finding help becomes a necessity, and we believe that these "helpers" should be applauded frequently.  

     Today we do that by sharing accounts/people making it possible for those seeking programs or help with challenges to get positive results.  

     The Just Believe Recovery Center is a joint commission accredited drug and alcohol treatment center offering flexible addiction programs that most insurance companies cover. They offer all levels of care with two locations in the United States, one being in Florida and the other in Pennsylvania.  

     They also have an addiction hotline listed above, and although you may not need this service today, having a network of helpers can one day come in handy, so just following one of these services can't hurt you more than it can help. 

     If you or someone you know does need help, resources, or just more information on addiction and recovery options, please follow @justbelieverecovery on Instagram. We find their content to be highly uplifting, resourceful, and an excellent tool for those in recovery or those seeking it. Also, feel free to contact them by phone or email if you are concerned about privacy or for immediate help.   

     We thank those who find the strength to overcome addiction, those who help them, and everyone who supports the mission.  

  • The Connection | Nonprofit Organization 

IG: The Connection (@theconnectionforsyth) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.theconnectionforsyth.org

Contact via Phone: 470-253-8564 

Ah, the holidays are here, and happiness is everywhere. 

     Oh wait, this isn't a fairytale; it's 2021, and people are in despair. While some lack bare essentials like toothpaste and socks, other people freight not because they only know abundance, overindulgence, and so they care not. 

     We hope to help turn that around by asking everyone out there to please find a charity and give hope by volunteering or donating as often as possible. Those who work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of others are the helpers, and we honor all of you. In particular, we want to thank another organization dedicated to empowering those in drug or alcohol recovery called The Connection. 

     The Connection's mission is to empower recovery in Forsyth County, Georgia, by welcoming those dealing with drugs or alcohol addiction and their family members with resources, career coaching, life skills training, peer to peer (non-clinical) recovery support services, and much more.  The best part is that all services are free, and it's a safe place to talk about difficult things with people who understand what you are going through.             

     With content that aims to break stigmas related to recovery to hilarious memes that remind us laughter is pretty good medicine, this organization is full of compassion, support, and hope. So please check out @theconnectionforsyth the next time you're on Instagram or see their website listed above for more information and ways to support people who live to help others.

Flipflops2chanel thanks all our readers, supporters, and our IG Holidays Helpers. 

     Please follow, support, and remember that giving or getting help is equally important. You are not alone in your situation, and with hope, desire, and support come unlimited possibilities for a healthier and happier version of yourself.  

     We believe that we are all capable of greatness, happiness, and living in a world where people coexist in hope and peace, so happy holidays from our family to you and yours.