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Novembers 12 IG's For Parents

As the holidays quickly approach and stress levels begin to raise the roof more than kids did in the ’90s, FF2C wants to give parents a little extra help. No, we don’t mean we’re coming over to cook or clean. 

So, although we would love to help with laundry or dinner, we don’t have enough laundry detergent or rolls to go around. However, we know some people who offer plenty of ways to help parents (and parents-to-be). 

How are we so sure?  For starters, most of them are parents themselves, and peer support can be highly beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. While the rest offer help in other meaningful ways like providing exceptional services that support parents mentally or physically.

We follow and support these accounts; however, we must emphasize that flipflops2chanel has no affiliation to these accounts, people, or services and make no gain/profit from them in any way or form. Instead, we choose to share them for our readers' betterment or enjoyment. As always, we ask you to validate the credentials of any entity you disclose confidential information with to ensure safety. 

By highlighting special qualities and asking you to stop by their Instagram account, we hope that everyone finds the support, motivation, or whatever missing link is needed for a more fulfilled life.

Some of our picks have tips and tricks all parents should know, while others understand what calming moments mean, so they have serene images or humorous videos ready to stimulate adults right out of stress mode.    

We understand parents have long days and nights spent taking care of our little ones are even longer. So, without further ado, we like to congratulate this Novembers 12 Instagram accounts for being recognized as helpful to vetted parents and a must-see for parents-to-be!

Novembers 12 IGs For Parents 

  • Practise Self Love | Blogger 

IG: PRACTISE SELF LOVE (@the.self.love.mum) • Instagram photos and videos

Practicing self-love as a parent can be a daunting task. Doing it as a single mom can be twice as challenging, especially if you have no support team like family or friends ready to babysit so you can take a yoga class or meditate in peace. We understand your struggles and want to help by introducing a woman who understands these struggles too. She openly discusses how she copes with life as a single mom and why she does it with a smile.  

Monique, aka @the.self.love.mum, is a mother of two who shares the joys and “not so” joys of being a single parent on Instagram’s platform. Her story and content are relatable because so many moms face the same struggles all over the world. Having two little people rely on a single parent can be a burden too heavy to carry, but where there is a will, there is always a way, so even through the darkness, single moms find the way! 

We can’t get enough of  @the.self.love.mum because her exuberant energy is charming, and her mindset centers on positive things like health and exercise. She took power from her situation by focusing energy and talent on creating a role-model-worthy outlet for herself and other mothers like her. 

Plus, @the.self.love.mum started a blog to find answers to questions like how she can break generational curses for a healthier and happier future. The idea of going deep to repair inner turmoil by facing our insecurities, fears, or doubts may be frightening, but when you have a safe space to talk freely with others in the same position, it might be helpful.  

Monique is creating a safe and fun community for single moms (or mums), so if you are looking for a judgment-free place to talk about single mother life, please check out @the.self.love.mum on Instagram or via her website, linked below. 

Contact via website: www.theselflovemum.com 

The practice of self-love is essential for parents and non-parents alike, so even if you are looking for content that promotes health, healing, and happiness, @the.self.love.mum has something unique to offer. A special thank you to Monique for always supporting people who follow her platform and for being a great example of what a strong single mother looks like on the road to (re)self-discovery and self-love.  

  •  Happy Mama Happy Mini | Nonprofit Organization 

IG: HAPPY MAMA • happy mini, Inc. (@happymama.happymini) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.happymamahappymini.org

We respectfully introduce Happy Mama Happy Mini, Inc. and encourage you to see how they contribute to the health of women and children. Their unique Instagram account has content representing their non-profit organization in inspiring ways. Additionally, they have monthly mental health awareness highlights and monthly world awareness drives. 

FF2C is honored to highlight this Instagram account for many reasons. The first being is for their insightful content designed to empower mothers to be the happiest mothers possible. They do this in many ways, aiming to attack the heart of mothers’ problems by empowering moms with the following services:  

  • They provide a web of education, support, and assistance for mothers in need. 
  • Mental Health Advocates 
  • In-house licensed professional counseling Services
  • Consultation & Mediation Services
  • Attorney & Therapy Referrals
  • Assist in Securing Resources
  • Family Visitation Support (Court ordered & Private Custody)
  • Podcast & Panel Discussions 
  • Partnerships & Sponsorships 

That’s a lot of help and support. But wait, they still have more to offer, like their social media outlets full of empowering images of black love, support, and empowerment, especially for mothers!  

For more information about donations, sponsorships, partnerships, or for additional questions, please email: HappyMama.HappyMini@gmail.com 

Please support a charity and stay stocked on face masks, coffee cups, or whatever new, cute, and charitable product becomes available by shopping their website's “store” section. We know that helping small businesses is essential for community growth but assisting a small business with a life-changing mission like @happymama.happymini is vital to an even larger and needier population. 

We hope our readers find something they need and (or) donate because we know that help such as this is indeed life-changing. Furthermore, we firmly believe that when you change one life for the better, a positive “domino effect” occurs, so communities that promote this logic should see tremendously happier individuals in general. 

So, thank you again, @happymama.happymini, for all the support, education, helpful content, and services you provide. You are making things better for more people than you know!  

  • Grow Spaces | Vegetable Garden Consultant 

IG: Grow Spaces (@growspaces) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.growspaces.ca

We are super excited to introduce our next special Instagram account because they empower parents and non-parents (or parents-to-be) by teaching them how to grow fresh and healthy produce regardless of space! 

Food, health, and support for growing healthy fruits and vegetables are close to people’s hearts. So, the next time you are on Instagram, we hope you stop by @growspaces for heartwarming ways to save money, learn more about the joys of self-sustaining skills like gardening and how to do it in any space. 

Plus, although this is not a recipe site, they do have some delicious recipes and tips for storage available, like the eggplant casserole recipe inspired by @recipemagik. 

We love the bright images of fresh ripe fruit and vegetables, but healthy plants' tips are cherished even more. Caitlyn started the Grow Spaces website after the young mom discovered the magic of being self-reliant and feeding her children healthy food consistently by growing it herself in very creative ways and on a small amount of land. She is an impressive and proud parent, so we encourage others to follow her story for more inspiration or helpful content and services. 

If you are seeking a fun activity for you and the kids, we suggest you stop by their website for more information about services like their “Sprout Package” or order the “Seedling Package.” They come in a 15” modern black square planter with everything needed to start growing your favorite fruits or vegetables right at home. 

Gardening is one of our top favorite mindfulness activities because our hands literally connect with the same soil that nurtures and sustains us. It’s also a free and easy activity that can reduce stress for all ages and is especially great for children. 

However, for some people, growing anything may seem impossible and unintentionally cause stress. We do not want that, so if this sounds familiar, we recommend sites like TheGrowSpaces.ca and (or) following their Instagram account because they have informational tips, advice, and support available to help moderate any stress with empowering content. 

  • Christopher Mahan | Teen/Family Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Author

 IG:Christopher Mahan (@leadyourteen) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.khedutainment.org

Author of “Take One: No Film School Required | How to Work In the Film and TV Industry without a Film Degree,” Christopher S. Mahan, has captured the essence of empowerment. He does it every day, but in this book specifically, he did it by shedding light and his many years of experience in a field of work that many people want to work in but have no knowledge of how to achieve that. 

In this book, he shares insight from years of personal experience as an actor and film crew member and includes vital information to help those seeking to work in film and tv without a film degree. Yes, I had to repeat it because here at FF2C, we stand with those who use determination and wits to conquer challenges with positive motives, like yay, employment, and financial stability!  

Amazon link:Take One: No Film School Required How to Work In the Film and TV Industry without a Film Degree: Mahan, Christopher: 9798633468373: Amazon.com: Books

That’s just a drop in the bucket of achievements from Christopher Mahan, and far from the only reason we are highlighting this remarkable gentleman. First, however, we had to mention his thorough book as we love to share opportunities for our readers. But now we want to share why we hope you head to his Instagram account, @leadyourteen, to support or find support related to parenthood. 

Not only will you find parenting-related content and motivational advice from a certified life coach, but it’s rich with educational information designed to help lead your teen and guide you through difficult times. His heartfelt way of expressing views on critical parental issues initially caught our eye, but once we learned more about what he is doing to help youth, he had our full attention and appreciation. 

We are excited about his upcoming podcast, which is being released very soon, along with lead your teen merchandise. If you are a parental figure or have teens in the family, this podcast promises to feature guest speakers that help in all stages of parenting to support the health and welfare of families everywhere. 

KH edutainment is a non-profit organization that Mr. Christopher Mahan works with, and we must admit to being in awe of this non-profit, so please check them out after you check out @leadyourteen. We included the website (linked above) because they are another fantastic group of individuals trying to make a difference for kids. We look forward to learning more about them and hope you do too. 

Mr. Mahan teaches self-advocacy classes for high school students with an IEP and 504, and we want to thank him for that as teachers hold a special place in our hearts. Thus, we have confidence in his abilities and recommend following @leadyourteen to stay updated on his teen-related services, podcast or find out more about his family and teen life coaching services. 

Leadyourteen.com is being developed right now but should be available shortly. He is working hard to help teens and the adults who love them with nonstop tools, tips, and educational content.  

We recognize @leadyourteen for its continued dedication to helping others. We ask you to check this account out the next time you are scrolling aimlessly on Instagram because content that makes parenting just a bit easier can also make you a bit happier too.  

Thank you, @leadyourteen, for stepping up for the betterment of teens and those who love them!  

  • Untold Parenthood

IG: Untold Parenthood (@untold_parenthood) • Instagram photos and videos

Flipflops2chanel follows accounts of some fantastic professionals so our readers can access qualified support, but we also follow everyday individuals sharing journeys of hope and health to encourage you. 

Instagram has an array of inspirational content and creators ready to fill appetites for both, but knowing who has value and who is just trying to get followers for the sake of having followers can be challenging. But no worries, we write these articles to help distinguish the two because spreading awareness, support, and kindness is our mission. 

Therefore, we would like to introduce @untold_parenthood. This Instagram account offers peer support, motivation, and kindness. Although, its’s relatively new, it has value because it’s created by a mom who shares her journey with the hope to spread mental health awareness and support. The content is centered around these aspects but has a hint of hard truths that promote parental confidence, like the post from September 9th, which discusses setbacks and her tips on how to conquer them. 

Plus, it has positive quotes meant to inspire greatness or help make it through a rough day. Other post offers parental or mental health support, advice, and tips like creating affirmations. 

Using motivational affirmations as a source of empowerment is one of our go-to tools during stressful parenting days, events, or mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

However, if you or someone you know is experiencing postpartum depression, as the curator of this page admits she is familiar with, please seek professional services in addition to peer support. Recovery from postpartum depression begins with understanding you are not alone with your battles, and that help is available. 

We enjoyed this Halloweens parenting activities and look forward to what @untold_parenthood has in store for the coming holidays. Please see their page for more parenting content and support peer-to-peer missions close to your heart for unquestionable empathy.    

  • Micah Burgess | Certified Doula, Published Author, Speaker, Mentor, Wife, Mother, and owner of @wacodoula 

IG: Micah Burgess, Certified Doula (@mydoulamicah) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: My Doula Micah (squarespace.com)

Book Link to Amazon: The Humor In Birth: Stories And Insight From A Doula: Burgess, Micah L.: 9780578894959: Amazon.com: Books

Podcast: Game Day: Births Not Balls with Micah Burgess on Apple Podcasts

We understand the desire for people to have a positive birth experience. Sometimes, the amount of fear and confusion that is anticipated can be overwhelming, so if you are in the discovery process, we hope you like this gem. Our next feature knows a thing or two about the journey expecting parents experience and is available to assist as an experienced and certified doula. She is also a proud mom with a hard-working, entrepreneurial mindset we find very inspirational. 

A doula seeks to support your emotional, mental, and physical needs during your pregnancy journey and acts as a coach who wants you to win. In this case, winning is equivalent to having a positive birthing experience. Luckily with professionals like @mydoulamiah, the possibility of finding someone to explain this birthing path is as easy as following her page or checking out her website.

Micah Burgess has several means of contact, which are linked above. We hope you seek her out for helpful information like her post from December 2020 about an interview with Ann Harder of KXXV in which they discuss new Covid hospital restrictions. This is the level of dedication to parents she has, and we appreciate every bit of it! 

However, the amazing posts/content she shares do not stop there. Pictures of birthing scenes display the many transitions pregnancy takes and how doulas assist during those times.  

One of our favorite posts shatters the “Doulas only attend home births” myth and offers more information on what they do. When questions about the benefits of having a doula arise or if you are considering becoming one yourself, please see @mydoulamicah as she can assist with both inquiries.  

Please check out her podcast if you prefer to listen to learn more about becoming a doula or having a doula present during your pregnancy journey.

Don’t like Instagram or podcasts, but you love a good book? Well, then pick up a copy of her new book called “The Humor in Birth | Stories and Insights from a Doula.” 

This book is new (published April 2021) but already is notoriously famous for being hilariously insightful for expecting moms and dads alike. Flipflops2chanel hopes you find the birthing solution that works best for your family. 

Thank you, Micah Burgess, for helping to reduce stress while bringing life into this world. If you have questions or for help finding an experienced doula like @mydoulamicah, we ask you to check out anyone of her platforms for more information.  

  • Kamille Abreu | Pharmacist, Autism Mom, and Advocate

 IG: Kamille Abreu (@risingkamille) • Instagram photos and videos

Linktree: @DrKamille | Linktree

Does family mean everything to you? 

Since you are reading this article about parenting, I’m guessing that’s a huge YES! We know another person who agrees, and we know it because she has been showing the world her family pride via the Instagram platform since 2011. 

Content ranges from incredible artwork, family love, empowering stances during stressful times, respect for her religious beliefs, and raising awareness about Autism. 

For example, her post from April 2nd, 2017, notes that Autism is five times more common in boys than girls, which is precisely the sort of information parental figures can benefit from knowing.  

Kamille Abreu is another hard-working mom that is dedicating her life to so much positivity that regardless of tribulations, she finds the hope to smile and keep doing the best she can do!  

Learning more about Autism, especially when it’s for your child, is vital for the sake of the child, family, and our communities. So, when awareness about people with Autism needs is expressed and an understanding of normal vs. abnormal responses is promoted, patience and positive growth can transpire for all involved. This is why accounts like @risingkamille work tirelessly and why we hope you find this unique mom’s content beneficial and inspirational as well.  

She spreads awareness by sharing her participation in events such as the Autism Speaks Walk or the Autism Hope Summit in other posts. We love this content and appreciate @risingkamille for sharing useful educational sources like this plus more such as information about Stimming or self-stimulatory behavior. 

When we checked out her Linktree, we found out she is also a budding entrepreneur and brand ambassador for “O’Snap | Active Lifestyle” products. The O’Snap company offers nutritional supplements in convenient-to-use packets free from impurities, microbes, heavy metals, allergens, pesticides, and other unhealthy ingredients that the O’Snap company says other so-called nutritional supplements may contain. 

In addition, according to the O’Snap website, these supplements are vegan, gluten-free, NON-GMO, and dairy-free, all of which are qualities we at Flipflops2chanel commend and promote for long-term wellbeing. 

If you incorporate nutritional supplements in your diet and want more information, please ask our friend on Instagram, @risingkamille. Hopefully, you will support any of her missions or find the support your family has been seeking from a parent in a similar situation. 

  • Christine Anastasia | Certified Working Mom/Life Coach, Ed.M., Intuitive Connector, and Empathetic Mother

IG: Christine Anastasia (@villagecoachmamma) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: Christine Anastasia Coaching

Linktree: @canastasia | Linktree

Are you a working, stay-at-home, first time or experienced mom with a lot to juggle? We understand your time is well, hard to come by, for starters. 

There are business and PTA meetings plus doctor's appointments and errands to address between making it to basketball practice (or ballet, band, track, etc.). But, of course, that’s all before dinner, cleanup, bedtime battles, and so forth. Wow, that was a pretty lengthy statement, and it doesn’t include a quarter of the burdens moms face the rest of the time.  

Moms (myself included) take care of the kids, the household, and a career, but who supports or reminds them to take care of themselves?  

When we imagine the typical day of a mother or the burdens that she carries as she holds her children and fights for a better future for all involved, we think of other women who understand these challenges and know how to overcome them. 

Advocating for working moms is a way of life for Christine Anastasia and also one reason why we are happy to highlight her this November. But, there’s more to appreciate about this particular account/mom/small business owner, and spreading happy motherhood support is where she starts her mission.   

Christine Anastasia offers a free coaching call plus deals that save money while promoting health and happiness. If you head over to her website (linked above) and subscribe, you will receive tips, advice, and resources related to motherhood, in addition to accessing her free (that is our favorite f-word) affirmation planner. 

Working with a coach during life-changing stages a mom goes through can help minimize stress and promote healthy, positive lifestyle choices. Post maternity leave, multi childbirths, and everything in between is discussed, plus any other concerns you are being coached through, so consider reaching out to @villagecoachmamma for help in any stage of motherhood. 

When we stop by Instagram, she has content that helps with sleep deprivation, wellness journeys, and mindfulness. In addition to her parenting tips, tools, recipes, and funny memes are pictures galore.  

Our favorite post is from a quote by Jill Churchill, which states, “There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” 

As you can see, even her simple post finds a way to shine light with hope, and we thank @villagecoachmamma for every bit of it! So, please stop by and let her know if she can help or just check out the insightful parenting advice from an experienced mom herself.  

  • The Warrior Forged Project | Non-profit Organization

IG: The Warrior Forged Project (@warriorforgedproject) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: www.warriorforgedproject.com 

Have you been looking for uniquely designed self-defense education, but issues like high cost or creepy uncertified teachers keep slowing you down?

You will love this special Instagram account because they empower women, children (usually age nine and up), and even law enforcement agents with self-defense training for a super low cost or free.    

In addition, they have access to self-defense training taught by professionally certified trainers. Oh, and these are not your regular trainers as most of them have award-winning accreditations like CEO and Roseville Ca gym owner Stacey Councilman. 

Stacey is a 2x Master World Champion, 2x NoGi Pans Champion,  Pan American Gi Champion, competitor, Advanced Krav Maga Instructor, BJJ Brown Belt, and all-around superwoman in disguise, working consistently to bring power to the powerless. Please remember that she is just one of the MANY talented and experienced trainers available to assist you individually and in a group, private, or corporate setting. 

The Warrior Forged Project is a non-profit organization that hopes to bring awareness to the benefits of knowing self-defense and violence prevention education in fun and safe settings for women. It is available in these select locations: Georgia, Idaho, Oklahoma, North and South California. But following along on their social media platforms offers value we cannot deny and highly appreciate! 

We want to take a second to acknowledge the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication running non-profits are, and this one is life-changing, so thank you, @warriorforgedproject, and every one of you that contributes to its success!  

Don’t believe the hype? 

Check out their Instagram account for some unbelievable content that includes deals, tips, advice, and educational videos that take the viewer step by step through special techniques that could save a life!

For example, their post on October 4th, 2021, shows the “wrist grab escape” technique. 

The Warrior Forged Project takes it farther than that by including training techniques and theories from defensive tactics, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiujitsu in their classes. 

However, the list of attributes continues to impress us. Such as content that promotes awareness to sensitive subject matters like the post on Instagram about “Grooming,” in which behaviors and signs of a sexual predator are highlighted and the “Abducted in Plain Sight” documentary is highly recommended to watch (and we agree!).  

According to another post on @warriorforgedproject, the class is free for law enforcement agents every Thursday! So, citizens can feel safer knowing our law enforcement is receiving free and consistent training in physical combat, thus potentially reducing the need for or NOT requiring the use of firearms. 

Learn about self-defense's emotional and physical aspects and do it for a super low cost or free. Please see the site for more pricing and deal availability, as different locations might have additional options or schedules.  

If you would like to donate to this unique organization, please go to their website and click on the donations page to use the PayPal link. Help empower communities with mental and physical self-defense training, awareness, and education. Another way to support this mission is by purchasing self-defense clothes, tools, and (or) books from The Warrior Forged Project website store. 

Learning survival skills like the ones found at The Warrior Forged Project is a fantastic start to a strong foundation in defense but knowing the many levels to the how and why of self-defense is even more critical to understand. 

Luckily, we think they have you covered in all these aspects, so please follow @warriorforgedproject for content that empowers women, children, and law enforcement to utilize a skill set during life-threatening emergencies.    

  • Tracy Jane Jenkins | Personal Blog

IG: Tracy Jane Jenkins (@she_gets_inspired) • Instagram photos and videos

Are you an empty nester (or midlife woman/50 plus) looking for peer support, encouragement, or inspirational content to help you achieve your dreams and goals? 

Our friend at @she_gets_inspired can help with all of that, plus she shares tips for overcoming shyness and ways to incorporate self-love into daily thoughts and interactions with others. 

Mindfulness is themed throughout this account with posts that remind us to fill our soul more than we fill our calendar, and that is a solemn way to our path of purpose or meaning. 

The more technology overshadows our natural instincts, the more vital it is to seek out means of rediscovering our inner being’s power by reconnecting to our natural state through techniques like grounding and meditation. However, other key aspects also contribute to the success of our path, like healthy lifestyle choices that reduce stress to promote unity with the body, mind, and soul. 

When we look at the post from @she_gets_inspired, we see quotes and (or) helpful goal-getting techniques from motivational women like Mel Robbins, Brene Brown, Dr. Margaret Rutherford, plus many more. These posts offer simple yet wise words that appease our appetites for growth and happiness. 

So, when you are looking for a bit of positivity to make it through a tuff day, please stop by this Instagram account for uplifting messages and hopeful reminders of self-love and perseverance.  

  • Alena Turley | Educator, Martial Artist, Founder of The Soul Mama Hub and The Soul Mama Academy

IG: Hey👋 I'm Alena Turley (@soulmamahub) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: alena turley - soul mama hub

Link for eBook: Becoming Soulful eBook - alena turley (soulmammablog.com)

Link to Apple Podcasts: ‎Unboxable, Unstoppable on Apple Podcasts

Want to learn how to go from feeling lost to finding fulfillment? Or maybe you want to watch a mom practice martial arts as motivation.  

Alena Turley from @soulmamahub helps people along holistic paths fulfill quality parenting experiences and support the environment. In addition, she is quite a martial arts expert. Post after post highlights her lively fighting style and encourages strength.  

We are pleased to highlight this dynamic woman and those like her. Alena Turley not only stepped up for herself but also for others and the environment!

Content on @soulmamahub fluctuates from posts where she practices martial arts moves like the jumping axe kick to family moments that inspire quality time. However, she also includes empowering and educational information, like the post about the top 3 ways to love your kids through anxiety, big emotions, and uncertainty. 

There’s love and positive energy found throughout this Instagram account, so parents seeking either can stop by the Soul Mama Hub website or social media platforms to support or get support from the woman who smiles as she lights the way to fulfillment. Here are just a few more reasons we have selected this unique account for our Parenting in November article and why we think you’ll be delighted when you see her content for yourself. 

New readers can sign up to the Soul Mama Hub website for a free guide to help those who have lost focus, plus it includes a list that can help make a difference to climate change. 

“Becoming Soulful: A Practical Guide for Parents” is an eBook (linked above) written by Alena Turley. It’s 10-15 pages with an action list at the end of each section. The three sections of this book titled; Reconnect, Rethink, and Regenerate help individuals lead a soulful parenting journey while sustaining ethical lifestyle choices. 

The Unboxable, Unstoppable Podcast with Alena Turley (link above) is for mothers, and it’s about real people having conversations that affect families, healing, ethical lifestyle choices, and much more.

The Soul Mama Academy offers programs like their LionLife Roadmap, which comes with a monthly membership to a community of mothers seeking monthly support via workshops, group coaching, and more. 

Please see their site for more detailed information about services provided, cost, location, or other questions or concerns. Also, don’t forget to follow social media platforms like Instagram for more related content, support, and events. 

  • The Lads to Dads Podcast

IG: The lads to dads podcast (@ladstodadspodcast) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: Blog | Lads to DadsApple Podcast Link: Lads To Dads on Apple Podcasts

We made it to our final winner for this month, which we admit was difficult because thousands of accounts and people are trying to help parents along the journey.  

Ben and Matt from Lads to Dads are content creators who focus on motherhood's other half. Fatherhood. 

FF2C is aware that some fathers have exceptional reputations, while others have horrible reputations, often being labeled as careless fathers. Sadly, some women view the father of their child as only the egg donor because the father bailed when things got complicated, leaving the mom to handle all the stress of parenthood alone. However, whether the adult relationship continues on good terms or not, the child needs both parents healthy and present, so men need resources that promote confidence in raising kids. 

The truth is that almost any man can inevitably become a good parental figure when given the chance, guidance, support, and foundation/skills. Plus, they can be significant emotional, physical, financial, and loving contributors to the household's needs, mother, and child. So, to those who want this honorable title, please be prepared to do the work. Forming a healthy relationship with the mother of your child and your child too might be hard to do, especially if you don’t know where to begin.  

So, who can fathers turn to for support or sound parenting advice, and can they do it better than other dads? 

That’s a tricky question because every feminist bone in my body says women can do everything the best. However, I am also realistic, honest, and a keen observer of male psychology, so I recognize that some men will only listen to other men. Now, who they take that advice from can have devastating results like the single friend who thinks fatherhood is a waste of sperm and continually peer pressures with the intent of getting his “wingman” back. 

Finding influentially positive guidance for new and experienced men going through fatherhood is not the easiest thing to do. However, we found all of that, plus these guys do it in a manner that does not portray females as derogatory. While researching this pair of dads, we saw many more quality attributes, but this is by far our reason for highlighting this particularly unique Instagram account.  

That being said, Lads to Dads takes this role on with sincerity and shares the very same things moms seek every day, so men who want to be good dads just as badly as moms want to be good moms have the support on demand.    

We salute @ladstodadspodcast for being prideful dads with hearts of gold that bring humor, unbiased mindsets, healthy and hopeful information but still focus on critical issues millions of men suffer from, like mental health battles which they both have personally experienced.   

One thing that took us by surprise was that we could listen to parenting advice right from their website, linked above, for your convenience. From there, you will find the latest episodes available to preview the duo’s self-funded podcast via the apple podcast preview page, also linked above. But remember, there are loads of valuable dad-related content on their site or via social media platforms like Instagram.  

Hopefully, you will decide to support two dads trying to make a positive difference in the lives of males, partners/wives/mates, and especially for the kids, so please follow or consider donating to their mission today.  

Thank you to all the men who create safe, nurturing, and loving environments! 

Whether you are a good dad or one in the making, please remember everything you say, think, and do matters, so please take your health seriously. 

We know you guys have a lot of burdens, just as mothers do. However, stigmas and other invisible stop signs often prevent the desire to seek help when symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, etc., are present.   

Please do not believe those old school myths that say men don’t have feelings and only have muscles, and talk to someone who can help address whatever situation brings on any negative emotions, thoughts, or desires. Besides, the brain is the most important muscle we have, so remember to take care of it as frequently as you take care of your physical and financial health because you are needed.  

If speaking to someone makes you uncomfortable (and no one is in immediate danger), please consider easing into this new frame of mind by listening to podcasts like those listed here. The best podcasts will offer positive stimulation, factually correct information, and fundamental advice that often includes reliable resources so you can access them quickly and easily.  

We want to remind All Parents that it’s okay to feel nervous or perhaps even unconnected to their child, especially for dads. However, please do not avoid those feelings! Talking to others is super helpful and a great way to learn how to negate doubts with bonds of love instead. Thankfully there are people with pure intentions ready to listen or guide parents through all the stages of parenthood.  

FF2C hopes all parents find something helpful from this article because every last account mentioned here is dedicated to health, love, and profound hope for a quality parenting experience or journey. These accounts are void of bias, hostile critics, and judgmental dictators, so feel free to come as you are regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, or religious creed because all parents and parents-to-be are welcome.  

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Therefore, we recommend you follow through with your research of any company or product you choose to support, regardless of how you heard about them or how great they sound. It is our mission to give people tools to empower themselves, period.  

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Be safe, well, and always keep hope strong. Thank you again to all those making content promoting healthy lifestyles for themselves and others too!