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15 Feb

This is my favorite way to prepare guacamole because it's fast, fresh, and incredibly healthy. Serve as a appetizer with nacho chips or over some yummy black beans and rice. 


4 small ripe avocados 

1 tbsp. of olive oil

2 limes

1/2 cup of diced tomatoes

1/2 cup of diced purple onions

1-2 tsps. of fresh cilantro

Sea salt or pink Himalayan salt

Fresh ground black pepper


Moms Tip - The center of avocados have a small but hard seed that can be spooned out or hit with the blade of a knife and pried out. 

#1- Cut avocados in half on a cutting board. Go around the pit/seed with the knife as you slice the fruit in half. Twist the halves apart. Remove the seed and throw it away or save it for some tea (yes, avocado tea is real and super healthy). Use a spoon to remove the fruit from the skin and add to a large mixing bowl.

#2- Add a pinch of salt, olive oil, and lime juice. Gently mash avocados into consistency you prefer with a fork or spoon. 

#3- Add tomatoes, purple onions, cilantro, and black pepper. Gently stir. Taste test and add more salt or pepper as needed. My son loves extra lime juice and I love extra cilantro so to each his own when seasoning is at play. 

Do you know to tell when avocados are rip and ready? 

Look for color, firmness, and texture of the fruit to know when it is ripe.

Bright green and very firm avocados are about 4 days away from ripeness. They still have a smooth texture so they are not ready to eat yet.  

Ripe avocados will be dark green, dark brown, or almost black in color and slightly bumpy in texture. Lightly squeeze for firmness. 

Over ripe avocados are mushy and any indentations will stay in the fruit at this point.  

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